Pecan Pie

Meal Details

  • No. : 662
  • Date : 11-10-2020
  • Category : Main Dishes - Sandwiches and Pastries
  • Level : Average
  • Estimated Duration : 60 Min.
  • Persons : 8



  • 240 g Nut
  • 50 g Butter - melted butter
  • 150 g Brown sugar
  • 160 ml corn syrup
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp. Vanilla


  • 200 g flour - multi purpose flour
  • 125 g Butter
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 Egg

For Serving

  • ice cream


1- Dough making, mix flour with butter and salt and knead by the edges of your fingers until it disappears and becomes a bit plump.

2- Dig a hole in the middle and we add an egg and knead until fully gathered (if you used dessert flour then add a teaspoon of cold water) don't take too long in kneading and wrap with nylon  and place inside a fridge for an hour or freezer for half an hour.

3- Sprinkle flour on a surface and dough and we spread the dough then we twist it into 3 layers, and we go back to spreading and arrange with the end of your finger tips (if you have time place in the freezer for 15mins).

4- We cover it with butter paper or any kind of legumes or rice.

5- Place in an oven at 200 degrees from top and bottom for a quarter of an hour then we raise the butter paper and return to the oven at 175 degrees for about 7mins until it becomes blondish.

6- To make the filling, blend with an electric blender eggs, brown sugar, corn syrup and vanilla.

7- We melt the butter in the microwave and add to it half the pecans on the eggs and we spread the mix in the tart and decorate the face with the rest of the pecans and place in the oven from the bottom and top at 175 degrees for about 35mins.

8- Make sure it's cooked if you press with your fingers and it rises back again.

9-We shine it with a bit of syrup or toffee and present it while hot with ice cream.

Bon appetiti

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